About Us

We are a cultural hub where all the best sights, sounds, and flavors of a community come together under one roof.

We aren’t just experts in developing and managing successful food halls, we create a disruptive entertainment and dining concept in local communities. We are innovators setting a new standard in F&B and real estate. An e-commerce proof, sustainable anchor tenant on the leading edge of culture.

Our Superpowers


We’ve been hands-on in over $11b in hospitality design. FHC leadership has received multiple awards for design work in hospitality. Our food hall in Nashville is the largest, most comprehensive food hall developed in North America.


We immerse ourselves in each community to identify the best of what the local market has to offer but will expand our search regionally, and even nationally, if our standards aren’t met.


Every food hall is equipped with an onsite management team and mentored by a strong support team. Every department collaborates to drive a standard of excellence in day-to-day operations.


The marketing team is dedicated to curating experiences through entertainment, food, beverage, and events. We host over 800 events and live shows annually between our two properties and manage a robust 52-week marketing calendar.

It only gets better from here.
And we’d love to hear from you.